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Title: Colds
Rating: K
Characters/Pairings: Martin, Winter (BW)
Genre: Humor
Summary: Winter makes a snowman. Martin isn't amused.
Warnings: None, really. Obscure NPC trainers (found at ferris wheel).

Martin sat on the bench, his teeth clattering against each other above a pink scarf wrapped haphazardly around his neck, watching the snow glimmer under the few rays of sunlight peeking out from heavy grey clouds.

"Big bro! Big bro! Come on, help me put Solly on top!"

The small girl in front of him bounced up and down, laughter dancing around the corners of her mouth as a wide, easy grin spread across her ruddy face, a glint of snot seeming to freeze underneath her nose. She gestured as broadly as her tiny seven-year-old body could muster, flapping her arms and feet towards the ball of snow she had painstakingly rolled up in the past thirty minutes. Martin had offered to help, but Winter brushed him aside with a surprising amount of nonchalance for a small child, saying, "Big bro is too sick to move a lot, it's dangerous."

Martin wasn't sure which unnerved him more, Winter's level of maturity or the way she sized him up, gazing at him disapprovingly. He took a mental note to start doing push ups regularly before he went to bed.

"I-I th-th-thought," he managed to chatter out, moving his numb jaw and tongue mechanically, "y-y-y-you d-didn-n't want-t m-me t-to h-h-help-p."

"Ehh," Winter dragged out in a whiny voice, pouting. "I only said that because I wanted to make my own snowman! Big bro needs to be nicer! Less of a wimp! More of a, of a, g-gentlemint!"

"G-gentlem-man," he corrected. "I-I am n-not a wimp." This time he forced himself to stop chattering so much, indignation seeping into his voice in minuscule amounts.

With herculean effort, Martin managed to peel himself off the bench, knees creaking as he slid one foot in front of the other towards the patiently waiting child. When he arrived next to her, he puffed out his chest at the girl as if to prove a point, drawing himself to his full gargantuan height of a fourteen-year-old and allowed himself a small, smug look.

Winter clapped politely. Martin felt his self-esteem shrink a little.

"My Solly, please."

He sighed as he met her shining, obviously unimpressed eyes, pulling his scarf up over his numb nose before reaching out to grab her Solosis. Even through his gloves, Martin could feel the chill from the pokemon's body, its usual gel-like substance hardening in the cold. He propped it carefully on top of Winter's over-sized snowball, tucking it in and making sure it wouldn't fall over. Martin warily eyed the suspiciously yellow pile of snow nearby as he gave the Solosis a last pat.


Winter waddled up to it, rosy face scrunched up as she scrutinized his work carefully. After a moment she drew back, hands primly placed behind her back, nose up in the air as she sniffed daintily. "It's fine."

"H-hey," Martin said, slightly peeved. "W-what's with your a-attitude tod-d-day, huh?"

"It's what big bro does sometimes, when you're in front of adults."

"Now s-see here, I-I'm not nearly as r-r-rude--"

She shot him a knowing look, one that didn't fit her small, cherubic appearance, and he clamped his mouth shut.

"Big bro, big bro," Winter said after pursing her lips, waving him down. "I'll tell you a secret."

Martin bent down, wincing as he heard his back crack, until he was eye level with the preschooler.

"I like you better when you're not pretending," she whispered, cupping her small hands around her mouth, "to be stuck up."

Before he could react, he felt a small, quick, and wet kiss on his cheek, its lingering warmth the only thing he had as his scarf was pulled off, the ends waving at him teasingly while they ran off with the cheerfully waving girl.

Martin slapped his cheek in surprise, already red face flushing even more.

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Daaaw, this is adorable. Now I wish I could make a Solosis snowman myself. :)
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Oh my god, I love Winter so much (I have a weakness for all the ferris wheel NPCs), and this is so cute! I loved how you captured the sibling relationship here, and your descriptions were all quite vivid. I especially loved the "Gentlemint" exchange, ahahah. Lovely job!
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dfklhlksdjhlfskljd how did I manage to miss this one. I LOVE Martin, and Winter is so cute. ;_; Clearly all of the Ferris Wheel dates need to meet and hang out with each other now!